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About True Dental

True Dental Insurance is the brainchild of a group of dentists who decided they were tired of being penalised for mistakes of the few and who wanted to create an insurance product with an aim to avoid premium increases through good performance and reduced claims.

Over 200 Dentists contributed their time and information to make the possibility of creating this unique insurance product a reality. Through their hard work, a bespoke product has been created that offers unrivalled benefits whilst at the same time giving Dentists the peace of mind that, no matter the time or situation, their insurers will be there to assist.

Historically the vast majority of Dentists in the UK have relied on membership of one of the Medical Defence Organisations (MDOs). These MDOs accept a broad spectrum of Dentists, varying greatly in both expertise and specialty. Their risk pool of Dentists is not selective, nor is it discriminatory which can be a great thing but this has also led to premium increases due to the few “bad” dentists and risks from other medical fields.

How do we differ from the traditional indemnity groups? We are backed by regulated insurers. What this means is that we are obligated to deal with your case and provide you with the best service we can offer.

True Dental - Created by Dentists for Dentists.