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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about applying for insurance. We have organised the information into a number of topics. Just click through on the question you're interested in from the list below.

How is my Premium Determined?

Premiums are calculated based on each individual practice profile. We look at your profile and build a picture based on our previous data and the contribution of the 209 dentists who helped create this product. We have a simple pricing structure which incorporates previous claims history, more complex work and the profile of the individual which can offer reductions in premiums compared with other organisations of 35%.

Does this comply with the General Dental Council indemnity cover?

The General Dental Council requires cover to be appropriate and adequate, with our policy meeting these requirements. We feel our policy is more comprehensive and better researched, tailored to dentists specifically rather than being directed at doctors whose claims may affect other members’ premiums.

I’ve just renewed, what’s the earliest date I can join?

If you pay your premium through direct debit, or have paid part of your premium, we can cover you on a pro rata basis for the remainder of the year. If you prefer, you can contact your current indemnity provider or insurer and ask them your policy renewal date, and we can cover you from this date. Our policies are normally for 12 months, but as mentioned, we can carry this out pro rata so you don’t have any gap in your cover.

If I currently have a claim in progress, can I join?

Depending on who you leave the previous insurer or defence organisation should continue to manage any claims that are in progress. If you prefer you can finalise the claim with them and join our scheme on conclusion of the matter.

Do you provide cover for Botox or facial aesthetics and is it a separate policy?

We can include facial aesthetics as part of your policy which is on average 80% cheaper than competitors and normally priced at around £250. We’ve found that dentists providing these types of treatments, routinely giving local anaesthetic to the oral cavity affecting the nerves in the head and neck, are a lower risk. As the policy is a part of your dental work, you have all the benefits of our helpline and legal team should you need advice or to claim.

Is an insurance policy a better option than the discretionary covers provided by membership organisations?

The key advantage of having an insurance policy is the peace of mind that comes from having a contractual policy in place rather a discretionary policy.

Insurers have a contractual responsibility to meet valid claims, so you no longer have the uncertainty about whether a claim will be settled or not by a discretionary organisation.

Discretionary providers are also unregulated, whereas insurance companies are regulated and monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulatory Authority to ensure continuing financial health and adequate reserves are held to pay claims.

We won’t hold advice or calling our help line against you, and although we aim to robustly defend all claims with our expert dental lawyers, when a patient's claim is justified we will pay out.

What limit of indemnity do you offer, and is this sufficient for specialist and high-risk dentistry?

Our policy offers up to an amount of £5 million for any one claim (and as an annual aggregate). Past data shows that most dental indemnity claims are settled for under £50,000, so whilst we believe that the standard level cover provided at £5 million is more than sufficient for high-risk dentistry and complex claims, we can consider higher limits upon request.

What if I join you and have a claim after joining you relating to a previous period?

If your claim relates to a something you did during a period you were insured by a defence organisation, because of the way their cover operates, they should indemnify you and handle the claim on your behalf.

In some cases, if you have moved from another insurance based product, we will cover you.

If you have any questions, or find out a claim or complaint has been made against you after you have joined us, please call us and we can help.

What is an "Extended Reporting Period", otherwise known as run-off cover?

This is a provision in the policy stating that in certain circumstances your insurer will remain liable for claims that are made after the expiration or cancellation of your policy for treatments that were performed during the policy period - we automatically offer a 15 year period in cases where the policy holder retires, suffers permanent disability (which means they cannot practice) or passes away.

From the data we have, 100% of all dental claims are reported within 7 years and the majority (98%) are reported within 3 years. However, we felt that for our policy holder's peace of mind, we’d extend this further for 15 years as standard.

In certain circumstances, (for example where your previous cover was on a claims occurring basis), we will direct such claims back to your previous insurer or defence organisation, however, we’ll do all of this for you, so you don’t have to worry.

What are my payment options?

In one lump sum: We are able to accept all major credit and debit cards (including American Express), or you can make payment by bank transfer.

In monthly instalments: We offer a monthly instalment facility with a Premium Finance provider.

If I have had a claim, can I still join?

Having been founded and built by 209 dentists who have directly contributed to this product, we know some nuisance claims are made and paid out by some organisations which could have been defended. In having a claim, depending on the size, this is unlikely to affect your premium. We would ask to see your claims history, or see a ‘letter of good standing’ which helps us find out the details of your claim before we formally can offer you a product, but in most the cases we’ve seen to date, this has had no impact in the premium. We also tend to find dentists who have had a claim are more vigilant and can be lower risk going forward!

What is Lloyd’s of London?

Lloyd’s is the world’s foremost specialist insurance market. It’s a market where syndicates join together to insure risks. Together, Lloyd’s and its syndicates, provide unrivalled financial security for their clients.

If I place dental implants, will my rate be inflated?

We’ve worked to create this offering having reviewed the market and the various risks associated with dentistry. We know carrying out some forms of dentistry is likely to be higher risk, however we feel it’s your training both from a consent and technical aspect that underpins your delivery of care. We’ve worked with over 200 dentists to formulate this offering, many of whom place implants and have a simple structure to calculate any premiums for things like implant dentistry. What we’ve found is that we are in almost every situation significantly cheaper than other insurers and significantly less than the membership organisations.

I’m a principal and concerned over vicarious liability; do you offer cover for this?

Yes, we offer coverage within the same limits for our policy holders who are principals. It’s important at the outset our policy holders are aware the laws surrounding vicarious liability are evolving. This means there could be implications in staff number, so if you hire more staff including more associates you should inform us of this change.

Normally we would expect the associates under you to have their own insurance to cover negligence claims arising from their own activity, and, as a result we would advocate the clinician to be responsible rather than the practice.

I’m a nurse; do you cover nurses?

We offer indemnity cover for nurses through our dentist policy. Any dentist, if they’re a policy holder through ourselves, has cover from our policy to cover the work of their dental nurse whilst they’re working with them. We’d ask the nurse to contact us with the policy holder's name and policy number so we can help the nurse in the same way.

Do you offer buildings, contents and surgery policies too?

We offer the full range of insurance and have 19 lines of cover including property material Damage (which can be extended to include Terrorism and Machinery Breakdown), Business Interruption, Specified Items All Risks which may including loupes, Money and Book Debts, Employers’ Liability, Public and Product Liability, Personal Accident, Directors and Officers Liability, Corporate Legal Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Commercial Legal Protection and Cyber cover. For more details, please email us with your requirements. If you would like to switch cover, please email us a copy of your current policy and we will see if we can help. There may be occasions where you’re on a great premium and we’d advise you to keep it on cover with other providers.

Do you offer cover for sedation?

We offer cover for both inhalation and intravenous sedation as standard in all of our policies, however we would ask you to ensure you let us know you are providing this from the outset. If circumstances change and you are providing and directly administering general anaesthetic, this is not something we are able to cover. If you are providing dentistry and are not the provider of the sedation, all the treatment you provide would be covered.